The Leewit ... a character from The Witches of Karres, a book by James H. Schmitz. Though he is no longer with us, it is thankfully still available from his publisher Baen Books. If you haven't read it, you probably should. If you don't thoroughly enjoy it, seek medical help.
      Though Mr. Schmitz arguably lacked the intellect of Lewis Carroll, he may have been as imaginative and probably surpassed him in raw charm -- a highly underrated gift. His creation of Maleen, Goth and of course the Leewit would alone be enough to satisfy most writing careers.
      You might think you're too old for this kind of thing, but you're probably not. If you really are (bad luck!) you almost certainly know someone who isn't -- and they'll love you for it.
      If they can read, anyway.
      As you'd gather from the book, the Leewit probably would not bother maintaining a web page when there are so many more interesting things to do and eat. We cannot expect to hear from her, but hope she doesn't whistle us for putting this up. Since we don't plan on giving her a bath or brushing her teeth, we're likely as safe as anyone can be.
      "That's right," said the Leewit.